Tuesday, May 19, 2015

June 2015 Public meeting - IR Event Log Analysis with Hal Pomeranz

Our next ISSA meeting will be Thursday, June 25 and will feature Hal Pomeranz!  This free meeting is open to the public, so please share with your friends and security colleagues!

IR Event Log Analysis

Windows event logs contain a bewildering variety of messages. But homing in on a few key events can quickly profile attacker activity. From administrator logins, to scheduled tasks, to entries related to system services, and more-- the event logs are a one-stop shop. Learn to "crack the code" and enhance your investigations by adding event log analysis to your toolset.

About Hal Pomeranz

Hal Pomeranz is an independent digital forensic investigator who has consulted on cases ranging from intellectual property theft, to employee sabotage, to organized cybercrime and malicious software infrastructures. He has worked with law enforcement agencies in the US and Europe and global corporations. Hal is a SANS Faculty Fellow, and a respected author and speaker at industry gatherings worldwide.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Security Conferences in Augusta

Please mark your calendar and make plans to attend!

June 24 - 26

Cyber Security for Defense:

August 25-27
Technet Augusta:

September 11
Security Onion Conference:

September 12

BSides Augusta:

Hope to see you there!